How to Make Disney Park Pass Reservations

To manage attendance during this limited capacity time, while also helping Guests plan ahead before their arrival, Walt Disney World is introducing the new Disney Park Pass system. All Guests with valid admission will be required to make a reservation in advance for each park entry, using this new online tool.

To enter a park, both a park reservation AND valid admission for the same park on the same date are required for each person in your party ages 3 and up (limit one park per day).

The first step of making a Park Pass reservation is linking your park tickets to your My Disney Experience account. I will complete this step for my clients.

Below are the steps guests will need to complete for themselves. This will need to be done for each day of park tickets.

Step 1: Log into your My Disney Experience account. Hover over “My Disney Experience” in the right corner and click on “Disney Park Pass System”

Step 2: Click "Make a Disney Park Pass Reservation"

Step 2: Click “Make a Disney Park Pass Reservation”

Step 3: Create your party by choosing everyone traveling together, 3 years or older, with a valid park ticket.

Step 4: Select the first date you will be visiting a park. This might not be your arrival date, depending on how many park tickets you purchased.

Step 5: Select the park you want to visit that day. Parks that have already reached capacity will be greyed out as unavailable.

Step 6: Select a time. Generally, the time available will be the park hours for that day.

Step 7: After agreeing to the COVID-19 waiver, click confirm and you’ll be all set! You can make another Park Pass reservation for other days in your trip, or click to see your plans.

Throughout the process, you may bump into a loading screen like one of these. Just give them time to process. They eventually will. If you’re getting a countdown that keeps resetting, you might want to sign out and try again.

As always, contact your travel agent if you have any questions or need advise.

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